The match of one/eighth final of the National Cup
Date: 28.09.2011

On September 28 the matches of one/eighth final of Georgian National Cup 2011-2012 were held. “Torpedo” Kutaisi visited Batumi and played with their “Dinamo” at Adeli Stadium.

The games of “Torpedo” Kutaisi and “Dinamo” Batumi have always been known for a great interest of the fans. The football clubs of the center of Imereti and Adjara dominated at the highest levels of the Major League in terms of tournament for a long time in history.

The teams have already played with each other at the level of one/eighth final on November 7 and 21 of 2000, the Imeretians managed to move to the next level with their victory of (2:0) at home and (0:0) while visiting. In the end, players of Kutaisi defeated the sea coasters with the help of one goal of Teimuraz Parulava in the first League in the most memorable match of the former “Torpedo-2008” on October 3, 2009. What for Batumi football team, the last victory of theirs over Kutaisi was on March 12, 2009 in Adel with the scores (1:0).

The 44th match of the teams started with attacks from both sides.

Giorgi Sukhiashvili gave a chance to those football players who lacked practice in “Torpedo” to demonstrate their abilities. Among the list of 18 players he included the front line players of “Torpedo 2” who played for 6 months most effectively: Tornike Kapanadze and Onise Chinchaladze, the first of who went in to the pitch as a first replacement.

16’ – Gotsiridze and Nikoloz Sabanadze made a wall pass, number 8 of Torpedo team played at the shooting position and from the line of the penalty area kicked it to the right side of the goalkeeper 0:1.

27’ – Kirkitadze passed the ball from the corner at the left side, Revaz Gotsiridze used the confused situation and upset the hosts for the second time 0:2.

The first half of the match ended with a vivid superiority of Torpedo.

The speed of the match slowed down in the other 45 minutes, the teams made much less attacks and what concerns the scoring moments – they never repeated again.

Players of Kutaisi team peacefully led the match to a logical ending and defeated one of the leaders of the first League in a visitor’s position 2:0.

The next match of “Torpedo” Kutaisi will be held with “Gagra” - the football club of Gagra on October 2 in a visitor’s position. Gia Geguchadze will have a debut as he is in the position of a major coach now.

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1 Dinamo Tbilisi 32 21 5 6 68
2 Zestaponi 32 19 5 8 62
3 Sioni 32 16 7 9 55
4 Chikhura 32 13 7 12 46
5 Metalourgist 32 13 6 13 45
6 Guria 32 12 0 20 36
7 Torpedo 32 14 6 12 48
8 Wit Goergia 32 13 6 13 45
9 Dila 32 11 8 13 41
10 Spartak 32 12 4 16 40
11 Zugdidi 32 10 6 16 36
12 Merani 32 6 4 21 22
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