Torpedo Kutaisi - Where football is a festival

‘Torpedo Kutaisi’ was founded in 1946 and in just three years the club became the winner of the Football Championship of that time. As the well-known football observer O. Sergeev wrote: ‘If there had been a prize for the most sensational results, it would have definitely been reached by Torpedo Kutaisi football players’.

On 1957 a football team “Lokomotivi” was formed in Kutaisi. The coach of the team was Andro Zhordania. Because of the fact that Republican Council could not manage to supervise the team, by the resolution of a sport committee, it was given to Kutaisi Automobile Factory on May 3, 1959 and was renamed “Torpedo”. The main coach became G.Antadze.

On April 21, 1959 “Torpedo” played an international friendly match against Swedish team, (“Sunsvali”) in Kutaisi. It ended with the hosts victory. 3:0

On July 3, 1959 Kutaisi played against the second foreign team (Denmark “Aliansen”). Torpedo couldn’t manage to defeat the opponent. (3:3)

On November 4, 1959 at the third international friendly game, Kutaisi won with Finnish team “Palloseura” (3:0)

On 1959 Torpedo took the 6th place at Republic Championship.

On 1960 Torpedo was taken to the second zone of a class “B” at Republic plays. They did a season well. They took 47 points in 30 games. It was went forward and opposed Tbilisi “Lokomotivi”. While matching two games, Torpedo had won (3:1) and  took the first place in league “B”.

On August 23, 1960, “Torpedo” held the first  outdoor friendly match at Kabul, Afghanistan with a team “Arian”. The competition ended with Torpedo’s victory 6:4. The second play at Afghanistan was held with “Moarep”, which ended with the score 6:2 and the third match held against “Pokhantum” ended with Torpedo’s victory 6:1.

On 1961 “Torpedo” became a winnig team in class “B” among the second zone teams and earned the right to play in class “A”. They defeated “Kalev” Talini and “Lokomotivi” Tbilisi in  Chisinau and went to class “A”.

On May 2, 1962 at Kutaisi central stadium Kutaisi “Torpedo” opposed  Moscow  ‘‘Torpedo”. At previous days Kutaisi second team  won Moscow second team with the score 5:1. It was somehow transmissible for Torpedo and they won the game 4:2. It was a good debut for “Torpedo”, but they couldn’t continue the competition same way and took the 15th place. Torpedo received a prize from a newspaper “Soviet Sport” for “a fair game”.

On July 6, 1962 Romania “Progressive” visited Kutaisi for friendly game which was defeated by “Torpedo” 2:0

On 1962 after football season Kutaisi went to Iran, where they held three friendly games with “Tadji” 3:0, “Shahin” 1:0 and “Darai” 1:2.

On 1963 “Torpedo” played  many interesting games: On April 15 they hosted Tbilisi “Dinamo”. 40 000 people attended the match. This number is considered as a record nowadays too..This interesting match ended with a score 0:0. As a guest Kutaisi defeated Moscow “Lokomotivi” and ended with a draw with Kiev 1:1. Torpedo was awarded with great applauses because of a good technical game. “Torpedo” affirmed  the idea that Kutaisi is a strong competitor for Moscow teams…

1962 year season ended with the 12th place for Kutaisi and they gained a recognition at international arenas..At the end of the season Football Union Federation published a list of the best 33 USSR  footballers and among them, after L.Iashin was a goalkeeper of “Torpedo” Revaz Urushadze. On 1963 “Torpedo” went to Bulgaria, where played against three teams: “Lokomotivi” Plovdiv 4:1, the team of Gorna Oryahovitsa 3:1 and “Arda” Kirdjal 0:1.

On March, 1964 Kutaisi “Torpedo” hosted USSR Olympic Team, the match ended with the hosts defeat 3:2

On 1964 Torpedo looked unconvincingly. On August 25 a winning team against Leningrad “Zeniti” made a chance to “Torpedo” to maintain its place in Major League. On October 6 Moscow and Kutaisi “Torpedo” played against each other, they both needed 2 points. The guests would affirm the position of a leader and the hosts would manage to maintain a place in Major League. A goal made by Jumber Khazhalia brought two points to “Torpedo”. It was a great victory for them. After that, Kutaisi team defeated “Rostovi”, “Volga” and “Dinamo”  

On 1964 Soviet Union Federation published a list of the strongest footballers. Among them were Ramaz Urushadze, I. Losaberidze, S. Kutivadze, J.Kherkhadze and V.Chkhartishvili.

On 1965 Torpedo hosted a leader team “Dinamo” Kiev and won the match with the score 1:0. The author of the goal was Losaberidze. “Dinamo” which was really a strong team, played weakly with the team, which was an outsider. After The Union Championship “Torpedo” went to Africa. They defeated a team of Guinea 5:1, played with a draw 0:0 with a team of Mali, defeated a team of Nigeria 7:0 and finally won with a team of Mali 1:0

On 1965 the team took the 15th place at football season. It outpaced the teams such were: “Lokomotivi“ Moscow and “Zeniti”. After the championship, Polish “Rukhi” visited Kutaisi. Torpedo lost this game for a weak playing.1:2. By the initiative of “Soviet Sport” they arranged “Endzela” cup playing, where 24 teams took part. Torpedo played wonderfully and went to final game but they were defeated by Moscow “Dinamo”.

1967 year championship Torpedo ended with the 13th place, That was really a good result, for such a small town as Kutaisi is. R.Dzodzuashvili was invited to Tbilisi “Dinamo” and then he took place in Soviet team.

On 1968 they outpaced Kirovabadi “Dinamo” with 9 points and took the 14th place in that year.

On 1970 “Torpedo” left a Major League.          

From 1971 Kutaisi tried to take place in the highest league again and finally they took the second place in the first league and went into the highest league.

On 1982 they decreased but on 1984 they went forward again. Three winning matches one after another made Torpedo to take the 11th place. It was the most honorable victory in their playing history.

On 1986 Torpedo could not manage to play well and it  reflected on results. They took a  last place.

On 1988 Torpedo separated from Soviet Championship and joined National Championship. Ramaz Shengelia was recognized as the first footballer in USSR. Brothers Givi and Levan Nodia are Euro champions in juniors. Jemal Kherkhadze made 16 goals and became a real candidate of a newspaper “Trudi’s” prize.

Torpedo’s staff at that period were: R.Urushadze, G.Tskhovrebovi, S.Kutivadze, Givi and Lvena Nodia, R.Dzodzuashvili, J.Kherkhadze, Sh. Okropirashvili, S.Shvetsovi, R.Shengelia, T.Kostava,R.Siradze, M.Asitashvili, B.Parulava, R.Burkadze, A.Kvernadze, M. Kvernadze, N. Tchelidze, T.Sulakvelidze, G.Ketashvili…

After regaining independence Torpedo Kutaisi became one of the most successful clubs of Georgia. It was Torpedo Kutaisi that beat Dinamo Tbilisi in 1999 and in 1999-2001 became the Champion of Georgian National Football Championship three times having the legendary football player Davit Kipiani as a coach.Torpedo Kutaisi is the two times winner of the Georgian Cup.


Georgian SSR Championship:

Champion: 1949

Georgian Premier League:

Champion: 2000, 2001, 2002

Silver prize winner: 1999, 2003, 2005

Bronze prize winner: 1991, 1994, 2012

Georgian Cup:

Champion: 1999, 2001

Finalist: 2000, 2002, 2004, 2011

Turkmenistan President's Cup:

Champion: 2002

Silver prize winner: 2004

Important Fact:                           

All-time victory: 8-0 (20.02. 99 - Gorda,Cup);

Record loss: 2-7 (06-12-94 - Kolkheti 1913), 0-5 (05.08 96 - Odishi);

The largest number of matches in A league: Kakha Kvenetadze - 206;

The highest number of goals in A league: David Janashia - 85;

The author of the 100th goal by the club: David Janashia (16.09.91);

The author of the 200th goal: Mamuka Khundadze (10.05.93);

The author of the 300th goal: Mamuka Khundadze (19.11.94);

The author of the 400th goal: Mikheil Ashvetia: (13.05.96);

The author of the 500th goal: Giorgi Megrelidze: (04.09.97);

The author of the 600th goal: Gia Imedadze: (19.05.99);

The author of the 700th goal: David Janashia: (03.12.00);
The author of the
800th goal: Shota Babunashvili (15.09.02);
The author of the
900th goal: Giorgi Megreladze (14.08.04);
The author of the
1000th goal: Nikoloz Nadiradze (20.05.07);
The author of the
1100th goal: Merab Gigauri (15.09.12).
1 Dinamo Tbilisi 3 3 0 0 9
2 Samtredia 3 3 0 0 9
3 Dinamo Batumi 3 2 1 0 7
4 Dila 3 2 1 0 7
5 Sioni 3 2 1 0 7
6 Spartaki 3 2 0 1 6
7 Chikhura 3 2 0 1 6
8 Saburtalo 3 2 0 1 6
9 Torpedo 3 1 1 1 4
10 Guria 3 1 1 1 4
11 Shukura 3 1 0 2 3
12 Zugdidi 3 0 1 2 1
13 Kolkheti 3 0 0 3 0
14 Lokomotivi 3 0 0 3 0
15 Merani 3 0 0 3 0
16 Sapovnela 3 0 0 3 0
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