#TeamPlayedWonDrawLostGoals forGoals againstGoals differencePoints
1 Dinamo Tbilisi 32 21 5 6 67 23 44 68
2 Zestaponi 32 19 5 8 47 23 24 62
3 Sioni 32 16 7 9 41 33 8 55
4 Chikhura 32 13 7 12 56 51 5 46
5 Metalourgist 32 13 6 13 35 39 -4 45
6 Guria 32 12 0 20 31 53 -22 36
7 Torpedo 32 14 6 12 43 44 -1 48
8 Wit Goergia 32 13 6 13 41 45 -4 45
9 Dila 32 11 8 13 44 36 8 41
10 Spartak 32 12 4 16 33 38 -5 40
11 Zugdidi 32 10 6 16 26 42 -16 36
12 Merani 32 6 4 21 21 60 -39 22

Tour XXXII17.05.2014 17:00
Merani 0:1 Torpedo
0:1 Tengiz Chikviladze(Pen) 7'
About Match
The teams were tired as this was the last match of championship. The first goal was scored by Tengiz Chikviladze at 7th minute. At 17th minute Tughushi was near the door and kicked but the keeper saved.
In the second part of the game "Torpedo" didn't make risks. Footballers were active, but defense was wonderful. The match ended with 1:0 and "Torpedo" became a leader among the six.
Tour XXXII 17.05.2014 17:00 Merani 0:1 Torpedo
Tour XXXI10.05.2014 19:00
Torpedo 6:1 Wit Georgia
1:0, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1 Otar Kvernadze 7', 68', 70', 2:0 Irakli Lekvtadze 21', 6:1 Igor Savcenkovs 90' 2:1 Shota Davlashelidze 38'
About Match
Tour XXXI 10.05.2014 19:00 Torpedo 6:1 Wit Georgia
Tour XXX06.05.2014 17:00
Dila 3:0 Torpedo
1:0 Davit Razhamashvili 2', 2:0 Nikoloz Sadagashvili 15', 3:0 Giorgi Kvilitaia 90+2'
About Match
At the second minute Davit Razhamashvili scored 1:0. Our team became more active but they missed two goal moments. At 15th minute Nikoloz Sadaghashviliscored and the first part ended with 2:0.
The second part was passive, as Gori footballers didn't try to score. Torpedo should change the situation, but they didn't seem to play active game. The last score was fixed by Giorgi Kvilitaia. The match ended with 3:0 with the winning of "Gori".
Tour XXX 06.05.2014 17:00 Dila 3:0 Torpedo
Tour XXIX02.05.2014 16:00
Torpedo 3:1 Zugdidi
1:1 Davit Khurtsidze 59', 2:1, 3:1 Beka Tugushi 71', 90+3' 0:1 Davit Kirkitadze 6'
About Match
The stadium turned to be very successful for Kutaisi footballers as they gained the third victory there.
The first part of the game was more active for the guests, at 6th minute Davit Kirkitadze scored. It was natural when Dzodzuashvili tried to improve the situation and charged for strengthen attack. Beka Tughushi entered the field. At 58th minuteDavit Khurtsidze equalized and at 71st minute Tughushi scored twice. So Kutaisi footballers have possibilities to play in the highest league.
Tour XXIX 02.05.2014 16:00 Torpedo 3:1 Zugdidi
Tour XXVIII26.04.2014 16:00
Spartaki 1:2 Torpedo
1:0 Teimuraz Shonia 40' 1:1 Tengiz Chikviladze 55', 1:2 Davit Khurtsidze 85'
About Match
The teams met each other a month ago, when "Spartaki" won with 2:0. Because of this failure, now "Torpedo" takes revenge.
As for the course of the meeting, it was mostly going with rain. "Spartaki" was more active in the first part. At 7th and at 21st minutes there were two goal moments from "Torpedo" footballers. Our team tried to score with counter attacks. Soon Teimuraz Shonia scored.
Revaz Dzodzuashvili made some changes in the second part. Beka Tughushi entered the field, after trauma. Also Savchenkovs and Davit Khurtsidze continued game. At 55th minute Tengiz Chikviladze equalized with 1:1. At 85th minute Davit Khurtsidze made a goal (1:2). Nothing changed in the rest of the time. At the end of the match, "Torpedo" footballers reached the tribunes of their spectators and got applause because of gratitude.

Tour XXVIII 26.04.2014 16:00 Spartaki 1:2 Torpedo
Tour XXVII18.04.2014 16:00
Torpedo 5:1 Merani
1:0, 4:1 Otar Kvernadze 15', 78', 2:0, 5:1 Teimuraz Markozashvili(Pen) 33', 83', 3:1 Irakli Lekvtadze 51' 2:1 Levan Gegechkori 40'
About Match
Torpedo dominated the ball from the beginning to the end. Nobody has doubt in "Torpedo's" winning. Especially Martvili couldn't avoid counter strikes of the opponent. The goals were scored by such kind of attacks: at 15th minute Otar Kvernadze scored. At 33rd minute Teimuraz Markozashvili did. At 40th minuteLevan Gegechkori scored and the first part of the game ended with 2:1. In the second part, the scores were changing in favor of "Torpedo". At 51st minute Irakli Lekvtadze, at 78th minute Otar Kvernadze and at 83rd minute Otar Markozashvili made goals and the match ended with 5:1.
Tour XXVII 18.04.2014 16:00 Torpedo 5:1 Merani
Tour XXVI12.04.2014 16:00
Wit Georgia 1:1 Torpedo
1:0 Mate Kvirkvia 35' 1:1 Irakli Lekvtadze 59'
About Match
In the beginning of the match some forced changes were happened, due to collision with the goalkeeper, Mamuka Ghonghadze was taken with stretcher from the field. Itakli Lekvtadze entered the field and scored an important goal in his career. At 35th minute Mate Kvirkvia scored 1:0. At 59th minute one more newcomer Davit Khurtsidze entered the field and soon Lekvtadze equalized. In last minutes "Torpedo" made more dangerous moments. The match ended with 1:1.
Tour XXVI 12.04.2014 16:00 Wit Georgia 1:1 Torpedo
Tour XXV04.04.2014 16:00
Torpedo 0:4 Dila
0:1, 0:4 Giorgi Beriashvili 7', 87', 0:2 Luka Razmadze(Pen) 19' 0:3 Koba Shalamberidze 30'
About Match
The match began with the advantages of Gori footballers. The first dangerous attack was followed with the first goal, which was scored by Giorgi Beriashvili. At 10th minute Eliava kicked from 35 metres, but not correctly. At 16th minute penalty was called, also Sevasti Todua was given a red card, because of falling down Shalamberidze. Soon Luka Razmadze and later Koba Shalamberidze scored. Torpedo wanted to score for prestige, but the match ended with 0:4. The last goal was made by Giorgi Beriashvili.
Tour XXV 04.04.2014 16:00 Torpedo 0:4 Dila
Tour XXIV30.03.2014 15:00
Zugdidi 0:1 Torpedo
0:1 Mamuka Gongadze 53'
About Match
The pace of today's game was quite high. Weather was also very cold. The first part of the game was going with advantages of both sides. Kutaisi turned to be more active At 11th minute Zarkua was holding the ball, at 17th minute Chikviladze kicked with a head but not exactly. At 27th minute Lekvtadze tried. At 31st and 33rd minutes Markozashvili was near to score. The first part ended without a goal. 0:0.
The second part was more interesting and full of goal moments. At 53rd minute Mamuka Ghonghadze scored the first goal in this match.
The rest 20 minutes was tensed. Guram Adamadze played well. Finally the match ended with 1:0 , "Torpedo" won.
Tour XXIV 30.03.2014 15:00 Zugdidi 0:1 Torpedo
Tour XXIII26.03.2014 15:00
Torpedo 0:2 Spartak
0:1 Lasha Kemukhtashvili 54', 0:2 Lasha Parunashvili 85'
About Match
40 minutes passed and nobody could make tricky moments. Before the break, both teams tried to score, but in vain. The second part was more interesting, which was caused by making a goal by Lasha Kemukhtashvili ("Spartaki"). At 65th minute Markozashvili tried to score but the keeper saved the door. At 70th minute Tukhareli couldn't use chances. At 72nd minute Lekvtadze couldn't kick exactly from 10 meters. At 84th minute a key episode of the match was happened, when Lekvtadze couldn't use chances, which was the reason of their punishment. Soon Lasha Parunashvili ("Spartaki") scored. (0:2) . "Kanu" could score in the rest of the time but he didn't. The match ended with 0:2.
Tour XXIII 26.03.2014 15:00 Torpedo 0:2 Spartak
Tour XXII16.03.2014 15:00
Chikhura 1:2 Torpedo
1:1 Giorgi Gabedava 23' 0:1 Mamuka Gongadze 7', 1:2 Igor Savcenkovs 65'
About Match
The match began with the host's domination. Though our attack was followed by a goal scored by Mamuka Ghonghadze. He has made his third goal after returning in "Torpedo". At 23rd minute Giorgi Gabedava equalized the score with 1:1. At 26th minute Oleg Mamasakhlisi entered the field. This match was his debut in the highest league.
In the second part, our footballers became more active. At 47th minute Chikviladze did penalty, but the keeper saved the door. At 65th minute Igor Savchenkovski did his first goal.
The match ended with 2:1, that was deserved victory.
Tour XXII 16.03.2014 15:00 Chikhura 1:2 Torpedo
Tour XXI09.03.2014 15:00
Torpedo 0:3 (ტექ) Dinamo
0:1 Giorgi Papunashvili 9', 0:2 Giorgi Merebashvili 18'
About Match
Of course Classiko causes a great interest and it was proved by thousands of spectators gathered at the stadium. The sector, where Dinamo fan's were sitting, was more safe bu guards. It should be noted that the guests provoked the hosts from the beginning and it became the reason of unfortunate end of the match.
The match began with Dinamo's goals by Giorgi Papunashvili and Giorgi Merebashvili.
"Torpedo" became more active at the beginning of the second part. At 59th minute "Torpedo's" supporters entered the field and reached to the sector of the opponents. Irritated fans wanted to oppose the fans of "Dinamo" "Gladiators". There was such a mess when fans of the guests left the stadium and Kutaisi as well, with the help of police. The field was soon empty by people, but main referee Aleksandre Krichashvili considered properly not to continue the game. Georgian Football Federation will discuss about the incident and there will be a final verdict, which will be shown here.
Tour XXI 09.03.2014 15:00 Torpedo 0:3 (ტექ) Dinamo
Tour XX02.03.2014 15:00
Sioni 1:2 Torpedo
1:0 Valeri Abramidze 42' 1:1 Otar Kvernadze 65', 1:2 Mamuka Gongadze 85'
About Match
As you know national team will play with Liechtenstein on March 5, so today's match was held at the constructing spare stadium. This was the first playing there.
The match was attending by Temur Ketsbaia. Competition was great and the match totally was interesting itself. In the first part of the game "Torpedo" could score for three times. But "Sioni" was active as well in attacking moments. At 42nd momentValeri Abramidze made the first goal 1:0.
The second part began with attacks. At 65th minute Otar Kvernadze scored and at 85th minute Mamuka Ghonghadze made the next goal. Especially in the last minutes the game was very spectacular. Both teams needed winning. After the game "Torpedo" footballers went to sector and shared the happiness of victory with the fans. It was the first three pointed match led by Dzodzuashvili which ended with 2:1.
Tour XX 02.03.2014 15:00 Sioni 1:2 Torpedo
Tour XIX26.02.2014 14:00
Torpedo 1:1 Merani
1:1 Mamuka Gongadze 68' 0:1 Papuna Poniava 63'
About Match
The weather was wonderful-dry and quiet. It should me noted that Zurab Gelashvili has debut in "Torpedo".
At 5th minute Markozashvili kicked not exactly.
At 18th minute Kutchukhidze tried but in vain.
"Torpedo" had attacking moments twice but couldn't use chances well.
"Merani" had territorial advantage, but they couldn't score in the first part of the game.
In the second part our team seemed to play better, but at 63rd minute PapunaPoniava scored 0:1.
"Merani" continued attacks but at 68th minute Mamuka Ghonghadze equalized score with 1:1.
Opponents tried to go forward but they couldn't do it in remaining time. This was the first draw in the match with "Merani".
Tour XIX 26.02.2014 14:00 Torpedo 1:1 Merani
Tour XVIII19.12.2013 14:00
Wit Georgia 5:0 Torpedo
1:0 Levan Kukhaleishvili 6', 2:0 Davit Janelidze 41', 3:0 Elguja Lobjanidze 74', 4:0 Nodar Iashvili 82', 5:0 Nika Sichinava 87'
About Match
I'll refrain from detailed description of the match, because everything is clear from the result. For 5 times different footballers were scored our door: Levan Kukhaleishvili, Davit Janelidze, Elguja Lobjanidze, Nodar Iashvili and Nika Sichinava. It's very unfortunate reality, as Kutaisi team has not lost with such score, from 2007.
Tour XVIII 19.12.2013 14:00 Wit Georgia 5:0 Torpedo
Tour XVII14.12.2013 14:00
Torpedo 1:2 Zugdidi
1:2 Revaz Barabadze 79' 0:1, 0:2 Irakli Ekhvaia 49', 50'
About Match
The match ended with unexpected results - "Torpedo" failed. In the first part of the game, some attacks were followed by threats. The main moments happened in the second part of the game. At 49th and 50th minutes Irakli Ekhvaia scored with a head, twice. Our team had enough time to equalize, but only at 79th minute Revaz Barabadze could score. Our combinations seemed to be confused. "Torpedo" had other favorable chances, but they couldn't use them. The match ended with 1:2. "Zugdidi" won the match.
Tour XVII 14.12.2013 14:00 Torpedo 1:2 Zugdidi
Tour XVI10.12.2013 14:00
Guria 2:0 Torpedo
1:0 Aleksandre Koshkadze 8', 2:0 Aleksandre Shengelia 73'
About Match
Instead of being as guests, Kutaisi "Torpedo" did works connected to arranging snow covered area.
Because of some reasons, Kutaisi team had some lack of footballers, but it should be said, that Gerard Zaragoza's team did less than the fans expected from them.
It was a cold weather, but "Torpedo" began with energy.
4' Bobghiashvili left his penalty area and took a pass of Kukhianidze
7' Jikia couldn't kick to the door of "Guria"
8' Aleksandre Koskadze did a corner kick and he could score 1:0.
9' Kukhianidze's kick was taken by the keeper.
23' Kvilitaia repelled the kick of Chikviladze.
44' Kukhianidze kicked not exactly.
The fisrt part of the game ended with 1:0.
It should be noted, that Guria had mobilized team. African Chuensu played perfectly.
73' Aleksandre Shengelia kicked with a head. 2:0
Guria won the match, unfortunately "Torpedo" lost the chance of getting at the top places of the tournament schedule.
Tour XVI 10.12.2013 14:00 Guria 2:0 Torpedo
Tour XV05.12.2013 16:00
Torpedo 1:0 Spartaki
1:0 Tornike Kapanadze 20'
About Match
Both teams were motivated to win in today's meeting. But host players had more advantages while playing. 20 minutes had passed, when a decisive combination was played. Tornike Kapanadze scored the first goal. - 1:0. The author of the goal was given a chance of it earlier, but he did not correctly struck from piers. Before, there was Tchelidze's distant shot, in which the ball flew over the door.
The first part of the game ended without any other goal. While break, the executive director of our club, Giorgi Papiashvili awarded the members and the coach of the fan's club "Jungles" with T-shirts. After that, the fans gathered in the stands, greeted them with applause.
The remaining time in the second part of the game was conducted by Gerard Zaragoza's players and they completed the game with the score 1:0. The opponents weren't given chances to equalize.
"Torpedo" ended the series of non-winning. (1:0).
Tour XV 05.12.2013 16:00 Torpedo 1:0 Spartaki
Tour XIV30.11.2013 14:00
Dila 3:0 Torpedo
1:0 Mikhail Gorelishvili 61', 2:0 Nika Sadagashvili 78', 3:0 Giorgi Kvilitaia 88'
About Match
It will be uncomfortable to evaluate Torpedo's game with positive epithets, depending on the result of today's match. Somehow they had some advantages in the first half. But they were defeated without any reply in the second half of the game. The authors of the goals were Mikhail Gorelishvili, Nika Sadaghashvili and Giorgi Kvilitaia. Again failure, consecutively the fifth running goals in the second half ...
Tour XIV 30.11.2013 14:00 Dila 3:0 Torpedo
Tour XIII24.11.2013 16:00
Torpedo 0:1 Zestafoni
0:1 Avto Endeladze 56'
About Match
The weather was wonderful, the match seemed to be interesting. None of the teams needed draw.
The match began with advantages of both sides. The first goal moment was at 13rd minutes when Sabanadze tried to score but Kvaskhvadze didn't let him. Our team held territorial advantages, as the attacks were more from our side. But later the guest players became more active and Kvilitaia hardly saved the door twice.
At 56th minute Avto Endeladze scored. Gerard Zaragoza tried to change something but the score became unchanged and "Zestaponi" took revange with 0:1.
Tour XIII 24.11.2013 16:00 Torpedo 0:1 Zestafoni
Tour XII09.11.2013 14:00
Metalourgist 2:1 Torpedo
1:0 Revaz Getsadze 47', 2:0 Giorgi Beriashvili 55' 2:1 Mamia Gavashelishvili 77'
About Match
There were some changes connected to the staff. Revaz Barabadze was playing instead of Nika Sabanadze, who had hurt the leg.
5' Pipia kicked but Kvilitaia repelled the ball.
11' Razmadze missed the door.
23' In the centre of the field footballers tried to hold the ball, Tsintsadze began attacking, Kapanadze kicked with the head but threw it over the door.
34' Getsadze kicked but Kvilitaia saved the door.
40' Khidesheli made a corner kick with a head, but Kapanadze changed the direction of the ball and the keeper of "Metalurgi" played well.
The second part of the game became more interesting and full of goal moments.
47' Revaz Getsadze scored the first goal in this match. 1:0
55' Giorgi Beriashvili doubled the score. 2:0
With the advantages, "Metalurgi" felt comfortable in the remaining time and only began to protect their door. Gerard Zaragoza made staff changes and let Mamia Gavashelishvili enter the field.
67' Akhvlediani kicked but Bediashvili took it.
77' Mamia Gavashelishvili scored and the match ended with 1:2 , so "Metalurgi" won the game.
Tour XII 09.11.2013 14:00 Metalourgist 2:1 Torpedo
Tour XI04.11.2013 16:00
Torpedo 1:2 Chikhura
1:0 Giorgi Khidesheli 24' 1:1 Giorgi Gabedava 41', 1:2 Dimitri Tatanashvili 72'
About Match
Mzevashvili enters the field at 78th minute and tries to own the ball, Rekhviashvili touches him with a leg and "Torpedo" footballer falls on the field. Main referee Jeneri Khorava gives him a yellow card for simulation. The official guests had seen this episodes of today's match for several times in video recording and all of them unanimously confirmed the rough error of the arbiter. The match was going with advantages from both sides and with attacks. At 21st minute Tsinamdzghvrishvili got a trauma, after attacking Khidesheli and he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Our keeper Kvilitaia played well, though "Chikhura" had more advantages. The first goal was scored by Giorgi Khidesheli. The next goals were made by Giorgi Gabedava (at 41st minute) and by Dimitri Tatanashvili (at 72 nd minute).
The match ended with 1:2. "Chikhura" won the game.
Tour XI 04.11.2013 16:00 Torpedo 1:2 Chikhura
Tour X26.10.2013 17:00
Dinamo 2:1 Torpedo
1:1 Levan Khmaladze(Pen) 79', 2:1 Giorgi Gvelesiani 90+1' 0:1 Tornike Kapanadze 22'
About Match
As you know the online tranlation was transmitted at the second channel of Public Broadcasting. The match was paid a great interest. A lot of supporters went to Tbilisi to support Kutaisi team. We don't tell the chronology of the game...As a whole, the attention was paid about two dramatic episodes in the beginning and at the end. The fisrt: 3 minutes were passed , when the referee made Ustarits leave the field. Kutaisi team thought to win easily...The second moment was unfortunate for us, when Giorgi Gvelesiani scored the first goal.
Let's get back..."Dinamo" footballers, who were left without Ustarits, were made problems by "Torpedo" footballers, as they played better..Till 12th minute we could equalize for three times. Gigauri, Kukhianidze and Kapanadze couldn't. At 22nd minute Tornike Kapanadze could equalize. Till 70th minute "Torpedo" managed to save the door but at 79th minute Levan Khmaladze made the next goal and the match ended with "Dinamo's" victory. Non-loosing series for us ended unfortunately.
Tour X 26.10.2013 17:00 Dinamo 2:1 Torpedo
Tour IX20.10.2013 16:00
Torpedo 1:1 Sioni
1:1 Nika Sabanadze 40' 0:1 Irakli Samkharadze 25'
About Match
As you know "Torpedo" was favourite and the supporters, gathered at tribunes, were expected a good game. The first part of the game was going with average temp. At 25th minute Sioni footballer Irakli Samkharadze scored 0:1. Our team had to be more active and at 40th minute Nika Sabanadze equalized the score with 1:1.
Tensions and dangerous moments have increased in the second half. Both teams could score , at 68th minute Pantsulaia had a chance, but he couldn't kick accurately. Finally the match ended with draw.
Tour IX 20.10.2013 16:00 Torpedo 1:1 Sioni
Tour VIII06.10.2013 15:00
Merani 0:3 Torpedo
0:1 Tornike Kapanadze 8', 0:2 Zaza Chelidze 28', 0:3 Giorgi Kukhianidze 59'
About Match
Before the match, the footballers entered the field dreesed in white T-shirts and expressed their solidarity to people in the village Ditsi and Dvani and expressed their protest because of recent events.
Our team had much more advantages in all aspects and the first goal was scored at 8th minute by Tornike Kapanadze. At 24th minute Pantsulaia could score, but the keeper saved the door. At 28th ZazaTchelidze scored the second goal and the first part of the game ended.
Martvili footballers kicked in our door twice but in vain. At 59th minuteGiorgi Kukhianidze ended the match with 3:0, so our team continued non loosing series.
Tour VIII 06.10.2013 15:00 Merani 0:3 Torpedo
VII Tour30.09.2013 17:00
Torpedo 4:1 Wit Georgia
1:0 Merab Gigauri(Pen) 27', 2:2 Tornike Kapanadze 53', 3:1 Giorgi Pantsulaia 68', 4:1 Mate Tsintsadze 74' 1:1 Giorgi Janelidze(Pen) 48'
About Match
Despite the cold weather and heavy rain, the suporters, gathered at the stadium, saw very attractive game. Before beginning the match, "Torpedo" footballers took banner to the field, which was a charity action of "Torpedo" to support the fund named by Dimitri Tsintsadze.
The guests began game more vigorously, they created a lot of tricky moments in front of "Torpedo" door: At the 3rd moment , after doing penalty, Sitchinava missed the door. At 27th minute Merab Gigauriscored the first goal 1:0. Sabanadze could score, but he kicked weakly and Daushvili managed to control the ball.
The second half turned out to be more exciting and spectacular. "Wit-Georgia" equalized the score at 48th minute. Giorgi Janelidze did it 1:1. The authors of the next goals are: Tornike Kapanadze who made the goal at 53rd minute, Giorgi Pantsulaia, at 68th minute and Mate Tsintsadze at 74th minute.
The match ended with 4:1 for "Torpedo". They got promoted and take the second place in schedule.
VII Tour 30.09.2013 17:00 Torpedo 4:1 Wit Georgia
Tour VI21.09.2013 16:00
Zugdidi 0:0 Torpedo
About Match
On the whole, Torpedo had advantages. In the first half, scoring chances were more, than in the second part of the game. Sabanadze-Jikia-Akhvlediani's kicks were taken by the keeper Mamaladze. At the midpoint of the match, game was stopped for several minutes, the reason was one of Zugdidi footballer's rudeness. The teams were gradually calmed down. Our footballers often possessed the ball, but there were many obstructions. One was a bad ground cover.
The second part of the game ended without any goal from us and the final score was 0:0.
Tour VI 21.09.2013 16:00 Zugdidi 0:0 Torpedo
Tour III17.09.2013 18:00
Torpedo 0:0 Dila
About Match
Before the match the footballers appeared to the field with the T- shirts of two numbers, with the inscreptions "We are with you Vazha!". Torpedo expressed solidarity to Vazha Tabatadze, whose trauma became serious (inform you about details later). The game started with an average rate. At the second moment Sabanadze kicked with low trajectory. At 16th minute Gorelashvili kicked but Kvilitaia took it easily. Gori tried to score with counter attacks. At 39th Bolkvadze missed the door. At 44th minute Modebadze kicked with the head, but the keeper showed surprising reaction. The first round ended without a goal. At the beginning of the second round, "Torpedo" played with attacks during 15 minutes. At the end of the game, tensed moments became more frequent. But the match ended with 0:0 and "Torpedo" sustained leadership status.
Tour III 17.09.2013 18:00 Torpedo 0:0 Dila
Tour V13.09.2013 18:00
Torpedo 1:0 Guria
1:0 Giorgi Kukhianidze 73'
About Match
Because of some shortages caused by injuries, "Torpedo" starting composition, compared to previous matches, was slightly modified. It should be mentioned, that Davit Jikia, the footballer from the team U19, had a debut. According to the first match, his game is positively evaluated. After a long pause, the confrontation between Kutaisi and Lanchkhuti was going with the shouts of crowd from both sides. Nothing happened in the initial fifteen minutes. The visitors hit the ball twice safely towards the door of Kutaisi. Sabanadze made a goal, when offside situation was fixed. The host players managed to control the ball and developed several acute attacks. At 18th minute Sabanadze could score, but Bobghiashvili controlled it. At 33rd minute Ubilava gave a pass to Sabanadze, but he slightly missed the door. After 10 minutes "Torpedo' footballer number 8 did the same, but "Guria" kept saved by a keeper. The first part of the game ended without a goal.
In the beginning of the second part "Guria" had real goal moments. Darchidze kicked with the head, but it didn't become exact. Gerard Zaragoza changed Gorozia-Jikia to Mzevashvili-Gigauri. At 67-72 minutes because of two yellow cards, the referee dismissed Iobashvili. This was a good chance for "Torpedo" and at 73rd minute Giorgi Kukhianidze scored the goal 1:0. Kutaisi footballers successfully brought the match to the victory and became at the top of the schedule. It is also gratifying that the current state of the league, "Torpedo" is the only team that has written "0" in the list of losses
Tour V 13.09.2013 18:00 Torpedo 1:0 Guria
Tour IV01.09.2013 17:00
Spartaki 0:1 Torpedo
0:1 Giorgi Khidesheli 76'
About Match
Spanish coach Gerard Zaragoza Mulet chose the same staff, as in previous match with "Zestaponi", but in the beginning of the game Tabatadze got injured and he was changed by Pantsulaia. But this didn't interrupt the team. The first match began with the advantages of both teams. The game became more attractive in the second part. Kicks became more frequent to the door. Sabanadze and Pantsulaia were favourites from "Torpedo". At 76thGiorgi Khidesheliscored and the match ended with 1:0 and they got three points.
Tour IV 01.09.2013 17:00 Spartaki 0:1 Torpedo
Tour II18.08.2013 19:00
Zestafoni 2:3 Torpedo
1:1 Giorgi Adamia(Pen) 14', 2:1 Giorgi Khidesheli (Og) 0:1 Nika Sabanadze 9' 2:2 Tornike Kapanadze 58' 2:3 Nika Sabanadze 79'
About Match
Traditionally the match was going with very interesting and tensed atmosphere. Sometimes one and sometimes the other team had advantages time by time. The first goal was scored by "Torpedo" footballer Nika Sabanadze. But at 14th Giorgi Adamia equalized the score with 1:1. The keeper of "Torpedo" did his best. At 40th minute Giorgi Khidesheli scored the next goal 2:1. The first part of the match ended with 2:1.
Torpedo had to score and at 58th minute they did and equalized the score with 2:2 by Tornike Kapanadze. At 79th minute Nika Sabanadze gained three points as he scored the next goal.
Tour II 18.08.2013 19:00 Zestafoni 2:3 Torpedo
Tour I10.08.2013 19:00
Torpedo 1:1 Metalourgist
1:0 Tornike Kapanadze 4' 1:1 Davit Kirkitadze 46'
About Match
Before beginning the team, the captains raised our country's flag accompanied with national anthem, then asked the public for a minute silence, which was commemoration of the people dead in the war in 2008. Gerard Zaragoza fixed the following group of footballers: Kvilitaia was standing at the door. Mtivlishvili and Ubilava were in defence. Sandokhadze and Tchelidze were in the centre. Midfielders were Tabatadze, Gigauri Kukhianidze and Gorozia. Sabanadze and Kapanadze were standing in front.
In the beginning of the game, at 4th minute Tornike Kapanadze scored the first goal. Kutaisi could more, but Sabanadze couldn't use chances. "Torpedo" had advantages but the opponents did their best as well.
In the beginning of the second part, some changes happened in "Torpedo". Mzevashvili changed Mtivlishvili. He took Tabatadze's place. At 46th "Metalurgi" equalized the score. Davit Kirkitadze's head kick became effective. The match ended with 1:1.
Tour I 10.08.2013 19:00 Torpedo 1:1 Metalourgist
1 Dinamo Tbilisi 32 21 5 6 68
2 Zestaponi 32 19 5 8 62
3 Sioni 32 16 7 9 55
4 Chikhura 32 13 7 12 46
5 Metalourgist 32 13 6 13 45
6 Guria 32 12 0 20 36
7 Torpedo 32 14 6 12 48
8 Wit Goergia 32 13 6 13 45
9 Dila 32 11 8 13 41
10 Spartak 32 12 4 16 40
11 Zugdidi 32 10 6 16 36
12 Merani 32 6 4 21 22
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